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Borstverzorging en Energetische ondersteuning bij ziekte en spirituele ontwikkeling

Pain in your breasts (breast therapie)

The doctor tells you; 'Don't worry, there is nothing wrong.' or 'It is your hormones, there is nothing you can do about it'

STOP, there is something you can do,
Breast treatment. After one treatment you feel a whole lot better and your breasts are less painful.

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Anxious? (workshop)

Every year you get your breasts examined, because you never know if there is something wrong. Every time you feel the fear again.

STOP, you can get your confidence back. By learning how to take care of your breasts. There are so many ways.

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Hide them (energetic therapie)

Nobody may see them! If I don't pay attention to my breasts nobody else will.

STOP, these are your breasts, this is your body. And nobody has the right to speak bad about you. After the first treatment you have a lot more confidence.

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