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Breast care


Dry brushing

It is important to daily care for your breasts, especially when you wear a bra.

The best is to do this twice a day.
- When you get up in the morning; While you’re asleep your body is dealing with all the toxins. By brushing you support the process of removing these toxins out of your system.
- When you get home in the evening and take off your bra; Time to activate the lymph system.

How to brush:
1. Brush in circles in the area on the top of your breastbone (sternum), where the collarbones (clavicles) meet. With this you open up the large drains.
2. After that you brush over your collarbones towards the breastbone.
3. Brush in circles in your armpit (axilla) and then brush back to your throat.
4. Brush your breastbone always from the bottom to the top, towards the large drains (see 1).
5. Also brush your arms: first from your elbow to the large drains in your throat. After that start from your fingertips also towards the throat. Do all the sides of your arms and don’t forget the hand palms.
6. Now it’s time to nurse your breasts. Focus on one side, one breast at the time. First you brush all sides of your breast, starting from the nipple, brushing to the outside of your breast. Like a flower!
7. After that you brush from underneath the breast towards the armpit and continue to the throat (see 1).
8. Then do the same but the other direction. Start from underneath your breast, towards the breastbone, to your throat.

Finally you brush your back and your shoulders as far as you can reach them.

If you like, you can brush your whole body. This treatment supports losing weight and enhances your skin. Always pay attention to the direction you brush! Always work towards the heart, towards the drains. Your fingertips and toes do not have any!

Breast tissue therapy

Breast tissue treatment is unique in the world. It gives women more insight and control about their breasts condition.
Experiences from the treatments show that most women have hardened and/or sore spots in their breasts. In most causes, they cause no problems. However, they can be painful during menstruation. Touching the breasts becomes unpleasant. The hardened spots could develop and cause changes in the shape of the breasts. *

The gentle treatment techniques aims to soften and to remove most of the hardened regions inside the breast. The treatments aim to improve the blood circulation and to keep them in an ideal condition. In addition to the healing effect, the treatments often have a positive effect on your emotional nature and therefore change your view about your breasts positively.

A breasttherapist provides breast tissue treatments and is special trained to help set you at ease if you have chest worries and if you want to avoid getting breast complaints in the future.

The treatment:

- Breast tissue therapy helps your breast tissue to stay healthy, soft and supple.
- The therapy is based on naturopathic principles and uses tissue (fascia) listen-techniques. These techniques are gentle and soft. They have been perfected especially for breasts.
- The treatments stimulate the self-healing ability of our bodies. There treatments are completely safe. Experiences show that they are effective.

When desired you receive advice on how you can stimulate your breasts health at home.

The breast tissue treatments make your breasts feel light and healthy to enjoy your femininity without any concerns.

For whom:

Breasts treatment is suitable for every woman, but is especially recommended when:
- You would like to gain insight into your breasts condition.
- You want to feel comfortable about your breasts.
- If you want to become pregnant and you plan to breastfeed your baby.
- You feel hard grains, irregularities, hardened-or sore spots in your breast tissue or painful or sensitive breasts during PMS.
- Your experience sensitive or painful breasts during your period or menopause.
- You are concerned about your breasts.
- Irregularities have been detected in thermography, ultrasound or mammogram.
- You have post operational pains or painful scar tissue after a breast operation or radiation therapy.

Other information:

- Treatment: only by appointment
- Duration: 1 – 1,5 hour
- Price: € 90,00 per consultation

* When in doubt, I always recommend a visit to a doctor or other medical specialist.