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Energetic therapy


Breasts and Balance

An extraordinary treatment, totally different from other therapies.

This method goes deeper and is more intense than an energy treatment. Several aspects will be touched and healed; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Old wounds and pains will be healed, fears and negativity will be transformed.

During the treatment, the whole energy field (aura) will be restored, ‘old blockages’ will be removed, to provide room for new positive energy. There will also be space for resignation, surrender, new ideas and new opportunities on issues you are struggling with. Although the ‘work’ is mainly done outside the body, in your energy field (aura) and on several places on your body (chakra’s), you can feel it deep inside.

The treatment starts on a chair, then you will lay comfortable on a table. First on your belly (if possible) and later on your back.

This therapy is also good for people who have troubles with their relationship and/or career, when you are overtired, when a disease is discovered and when you find it difficult to be touched.

It is important to repeat this treatment several times, in order to forget old thoughts and not fall back in old customs that caused the troubles in the first place.

Other information:

- Treatment: only by appointment
- Duration: 2 hours
- Price:     
                Adults inclusief 7 consulations, workshop 'KI-power', '7 vrouwen-oliën' € 1115,00 (normal € 1174,00)
                Combination with 3 breasttissuetherepy, workshop Bear your Breasts, 3 breastbruches: € 1377,00

* When in doubt, I always recommend a visit to a doctor or other medical specialist.